Tuesday, 14 March 2017

Poo blighters

The BBC has a piece about doggy folk who don't quite get the point of bagging their mutt's poo.

Dog walkers are being urged not to bag up their pet's poo in the countryside - but to use a stick and flick it into the undergrowth instead.

Conservative MP Anne Main will advocate the method during a Westminster debate as a way of reducing the number of plastic bags blighting the countryside.

Mrs Main says better signage is needed at the entrance of parks and open spaces so dog owners know what to do.

She says poo-filled bags hanging from trees are a nationwide problem.

While out walking we see poo bags hanging in bushes by the path, but only heavily used paths and not enough to describe it as a nationwide problem. 

It is certainly a bizarre thing to do because dog poo in the countryside degrades quite quickly. Poo in plastic bags doesn't. Slugs love it, but if it is bagged up and hanging in the bushes out of reach, what are they supposed to do? Starve? 

Many of these bags are probably biodegradable because we don't see a steady accumulation of poo-festooned bushes. The slugs probably get their dinner eventually, but why make them wait?


Sam Vega said...

"Mrs Main says better signage is needed at the entrance of parks and open spaces"

That would mean on every road and footpath out of every town and city, then.

My favoured solution is canine nappies. Taking it home and rinsing it in the sink before putting it in the laundry basket is more environmentally responsible than leaving it hanging from bushes.

FrankC said...

The point of these doggy poo bags was that you took them home with you and placed them in your own dustbin.

Michael said...

JRT's poos are picked up and binned where noticeable, otherwise, they're kicked into touch - being a suitable hedge or similar, where normal people don't plonk their feet...

Luckily, we know the culprits round here, so act accordingly!

wiggiatlarge said...

Why not doggy poo bins as supplied in local parks and recreation areas, same thing in National Parks why not, and if people can't be bothered to take their "heirlooms" to a bin then they deserve to be fined.
When I was training dogs the showgrounds would have a poo area that was cleaned up at the end of the day, you rarely if ever found poo elsewhere.

Demetrius said...

I smell a rat.

James Higham said...

Unfortunate that I'd just cooked lunch, sat down with it now and read the poo post.

A K Haart said...

Sam - nappies or corks.

Frank - yes and I think most do that, but for some strange reason some don't.

Scrobs - and they will probably degrade quickly under a hedge.

Wiggia - lack of bins may be an issue, but owner could be more resourceful.

Demetrius - they are never far away.

James - sorry about that. Hope it wasn't sausages.