Thursday, 24 November 2016

Solar fail


Yesterday I visited Carsington Water visitors’ centre with some old work colleagues. The idea was to have lunch there after a short walk but the area suffered a power cut just before we trooped into the restaurant.

One might have wondered if the centre's substantial array of solar panels would take over but no. No lights, no hot drinks, no hot food. No great surprise on a dull day in November but one is bound to wonder at sustainable power which isn’t sustainable and doesn’t deliver the power when you most need it.

Is anyone surprised? No - it hardly merits a shrug.


Sam Vega said...

Don't be such an old curmudgeon, AKH. I bet it's lovely and warm and bright with piping hot food all summer.

wiggiatlarge said...

The Guardian should be your go to AK, sustainable energy is explained and promoted ad nauseum within its pages and you will feel better about renewables afterwards, even when sitting in the dark.

A K Haart said...

Sam - it's very pleasant in summer and not bad in winter when proper electricity is running through the wires.

Wiggia - I sometimes read the Guardian comments for a snigger or two. Unworthy I know but I can't always resist it.