Friday, 25 November 2016

Green Friday

As an alternative to Black Friday and the vulgar promotion of special offers, money off, two for the price of one and so forth, I'm opting for an ethical Green Friday on this blog.

Apart from a healthy dose of priggish satisfaction, Green Friday is a worthy attempt to roll back the tide of commercial excess. A number of ethical, save the planet alternatives suggest themselves.

  • Old blog posts could be recycled instead of being left to rot away in the archive emitting all kinds of noxious possibilities into our already polluted interweb.
  • Blog posts could be written using green energy, which means written in the dark and written in haste because the heating is turned off.
  • Blog post readers could read them in the dark too, although in one sense I may have achieved that already.
  • Blog post could be shorter, using fewer electrons. For example, a post criticising John Major for suggesting a second EU referendum could be shortened to "Oh do stop whingeing and give Edwina a nice Christmas present." Of course this example could be even shorter saving even more electrons.

Anyhow that's the general idea and it must be a good one because I'm feeling a little more priggish already. I may even buy a copy of the Guardian, although that could be too extreme for a trainee prig. I'll need to work down to it.


Demetrius said...

You could use the Guardian to line the rabbit hutches. I take it that you will have having home reared rabbit on Christmas Day?

Michael said...

I've been very green today.

I ordered some coal and also, wanted some more wood, so checked on the website, and found a 33.33% 'Black Friday' discount on some of those new olive and charcoal briquettes!

Saved us £40.00, and we were going to buy them anyway!

We also drove everywhere, filling the place with diesel fumes.

Sackerson said...

No need to be in the dark:

A K Haart said...

Demetrius - possibly guinea pig if the grandchildren are looking the other way.

Scrobs - that's a good deal. We saved £10 on wine but as we weren't going to buy wine I'm not sure if that counts as a good deal. Never mind - we'll drink it anyway.

Sackers - ha ha - I was going to say I'm sure I've seen that before but then I saw the comment.