Saturday, 19 November 2016

St Custard’s Law of Prizes

When grabber get his ushaul prize i.e. the mrs joyful prize for rafia work there are boos and catcalls nothing can stop the mitey upsurge of popular feeling.

‘SILENCE!’ below GRIMES. ‘You are unfare. You kno how he won this prize.’

‘Sure!’ we roar, ‘£5 to you, £I all round to the staff and a botle of beer for the olde matronne. The same story.’

Whizz for Atomms - Geoffrey Willans and Ronald Searle (1956)

It may not be immediately obvious but Molesworth is using his grate brane to illustrate an important law of the universe - St Custard’s Law of Prizes.


Sackerson said...

Searle's work is so concrete, the line so sure.

Demetrius said...

He did a lot for the "Punch" of old, I recall. I have the original of an Hargreaves cartoon above my desk which I got from a contribution to it long long ago.

A K Haart said...

Sackers and Demetrius - it's one of the few things I wish I could do but can't.