Saturday, 29 December 2012

Climate insanity still with us

When writing for people who may not have a scientific background, it isn’t easy to explain quite how grotesque the climate change fraud has turned out to be. A fraud is so gross, so appalling, that I’m sure many don’t really get it.

At ClickGeen, we have a report of a new UK database of sites suited to storing CO2. Carbon Capture and Storage it is called – CCS. It took a few weeks for me to post on this depressing piece of news, because the only word suited to such an enterprise is insane.

Sane people have pointed out over and over again that even if we assume the CO2 theory is valid, the UK cannot possibly make any difference to global temperatures - not even by reducing its 1.75% contribution to zero.

Presumably the idea is to make fossil fuels, particularly gas and even more particularly shale gas as expensive as possible. As far as I can see, there is no other conclusion.

People do not generally embark on a scientific career with the idea of committing fraud, with the intention of making up results or adjusting them to fit theories, with the intention of lying to the public, of trying to undermine or even ruin the career of any scientist who steps out of line.

I suspect that many non-scientists, even now, don’t quite realise how bad things are in climate science – how so many media headlines are simply false – wild exaggerations so far off the mark that they should never have seen the light of day.

I’m not a particularly emotional chap, but having spent nearly forty years as an environmental scientist, there are times when I gaze on the beauties of the natural world and I’m almost moved to despair by the abject wreck that modern environmental science has become.

Because the self-serving lies of politically-inspired climate scientists have infected all areas of environmental science. Everything, every change in the natural world is liable to be tagged with the climate change mantra if that is the way to secure more funding. Swallow the lie and you get the funding - the science simply doesn't come into it.

Of course other areas are grim too. The anti-smoking lies and exaggerations, the anti-alcohol lies and exaggerations, but the massive one for me, the truly tragic one which will affect our well-being for decades to come, is climate.


Yes I think it is. Where it will take us I don’t know, but when our capacity for rational thought breaks down in such a pitifully abject manner, then nightmare seems to be the only possible outcome.


James Higham said...

Sigh. It makes a person despair, AKH. You've done it on this, I've done it on PCism.

Sigh once more.

A K Haart said...

James - I know, but it has to be said and said again.

Andyj said...

A very well written piece.

He who controls the the air we breathe, is a God. So meanwhile let the people pay for someone's path to Godship.

I cannot for the life of me from just sitting here, imagine they have no idea that "Carbon sequestration" is really "Oxygen sequestration" from the atmosphere!

When the atmosphere loses pressure we will experience more Martian like weather. Massive day/night and seasonal temperature swings. so more hellish storms, lowered boiling point, you name it. Will bring on an incredible hell for many. Yet they will blame it on C02.

It's like killing the first born to make women more fertile.

A K Haart said...

Andyj - good point about carbon sequestration being oxygen sequestration.