Friday, 30 August 2019

Brain food

From the BBC -

People who eat vegan or plant-based diets should ensure they are getting enough of a key, but little-known, brain nutrient, say experts.

Choline, which helps transfer signals between nerve cells, is highest in dairy foods and meat.

Nutritionist Emma Derbyshire told a BMJ journal that people not eating those foods may not get sufficient choline.

Strangely enough this claim about choline and its vital role in brain functioning came just after my comprehensive survey of McDonald’s customers. Perhaps comprehensive is a slight exaggeration but I did some people-watching over a moody coffee during a more or less compulsory holiday journey break.

As McDonald’s is famous for its beef burgers one would suppose its customers to be pretty advanced in the brain department. At least they ought to be more brainy than salad-munchers who read the Guardian for example. There were two main findings from this in-depth test.

Firstly there is no obvious reason to suppose MacDonald’s customers are more brainy than average. I prefer not to go into details here.

Secondly there may be some kind of correlation between choline intake and tattoos.

These are only tentative conclusions of course. More work is required but if I have anything to do with it the work will never be done. Ever.

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