Saturday, 22 June 2019

Isn't the Guardian weird?

The Guardian is a rum outfit isn't it? Supposedly a serious news organisation trying to keep its venerable head above the digital waters yet almost a byword for easy ridicule. Does anyone take it seriously?

For example it has a piece on Facebook's proposed digital currency where Guardian bias is slapped on good and thick right from the off. Which is okay for blogs but if it must stick the knife in surely the Guardian takes itself seriously enough to stick it in with wit and subtlety.

Facebook's plan to break the global financial system
Evgeny Morozov

The tech giant knows its best weapon is mobilizing the faux-populism other Silicon Valley companies have used to defeat regulation.

There is hardly any point in reading further if colours are nailed to the mast this crudely, but just in case we missed the point -

What should we make of Facebook’s sudden foray into the world of digital money? Just as regulators were beginning to wake up from their self-induced coma to discover that Facebook has grown too fast and too big for its own good, the company has decided to redouble its unbending commitment to “moving fast and breaking things”. 

Regulators in a self-induced coma? Crikey where does all the censorship come from? Not repressive enough for the dear old Guardian I suppose. 

Many people are not Facebook fans and in my experience it does a fair amount of damage, but vast numbers of people do use it and using it isn't compulsory. Its faux-populism doesn't seem very faux to me.

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