Thursday, 13 June 2019

Arctic to be ice free by 2014


Sam Vega said...

I'm convinced. Speaking personally, I haven't seen any ice in the Arctic since 2014. Since well before then, if I'm honest.

Doonhamer said...

It's now twenty five to nine (pm) and it is feckin' cold.
Where's my global warming?

Michael said...

I've done quite a lot of 'naval researching' of late, normally with an excellent Rioja to hand, and a good lady wife to discuss reality with!

I thought at first you had posted a pic of Dan Quayle, another superb orator with an intimate knowledge of everything on the planet!

Angus Dei said...

Bloody hell, is it 2014 already, doesn't time fly, had to put the central heating on today, love this global warming.

A K Haart said...

Sam - that may be your sat nav, they don't usually have Arctic postcodes correctly sorted. That bleak, empty, uninhabited destination with no ice could have been Mablethorpe.

Doonhamer - same place as mine probably - in the imagination of nutters and charlatans.

Scrobs - ah Dan Quayle - there must be some good videos of Dan making a fool of himself.

Angus - our central heating has been on too. June isn't supposed to be a central heating month.