Monday, 11 February 2019

Dopey Monday

We’ve noticed this before – people seem to be particularly careless on Monday mornings. In the car this morning we encountered a series of dopey, not quite awake people, both drivers and pedestrians. Dopey Monday isn’t aggression it’s just – well dopey.

First off was a mother and her young child crossing a busy road right in front of me. Or not so much crossing the road as wandering across when her pedestrian crossing light was bright red and my traffic light was green. I double-checked as she stood there in the middle of the road wondering what to next. As if her alarm clock had only just gone off. Oh well – she eventually reached the comparative safety of the pavement.

Later a woman cheerfully waved an apology as she careered across a junction, ignoring road markings - as if driving in a straight line was the best she could manage on a Monday morning.

Then there was the old chap wandering across a pedestrian crossing in Matlock. His pedestrian crossing light was bright red too - and of course my traffic light was green. Maybe he was off in search of his first coffee.

There were more pedestrians wandering across the road in Bakewell, a few yards from the pedestrian crossing which of course was bright red yet again. One chap hesitated part way across as if he’d forgotten something. Then he saw me patiently waiting for him to make up his mind so he crossed the road as if to make sure my wait wasn’t wasted.

Fortunately tomorrow is Tuesday.


James Higham said...

Isn't that the suicide day? Or is that Monday?

Demetrius said...

Twerp Tuesday?

Bill Sticker said...

Nothing to worry about, it's just the Zombie apocalypse.

A K Haart said...

James - observation suggests that Monday is the day for trying out the general approach to suicide. By Tuesday most don't fancy it but the following Monday lots more give it a go.

Demetrius - Tuesday is not so bad in our experience, only a few near misses.

Bill - good point - that's certainly what it feels like.