Friday, 4 January 2019

Britain's worst MPs: Anna Soubry

Video does not appear to be one of a series unfortunately.


David Duff said...

Dammit, Sir, you test me, test me, but I gritted my teeth and watched that dreadful woman ranting and raving to the end. I can only hope that at the next election the Brexit-voting electors of Broxtowe finally shut her up!

Sam Vega said...

I find myself beginning to like John Bercow.

Michael said...

Absolutely with you here!

Luckily, she's doing what the BBC is doing - making people realise how good it will be when we leave the blasted EU to eat themselves to death!

She really is a stupid woman - but as a 'politician' even worse; probably certifiable!

Sackerson said...

Maybe it's the MSM's careful selection, but photos of her always make her look a little, you know, M--.

wiggiatlarge said...

"Britain's worst MPs"

That is going to be an awfully long list, perhaps starting with "A" for Anna is a task to far....

Demetrius said...

Perhaps when young she was a fan of Les Dawson's?

A K Haart said...

David - it is a test isn't it? Unfortunately the Brexit-voting electors of Broxtowe may be confronted with a choice between her and a Corbyn acolyte.

Sam - sensible chap I thought - handled it well.

Scrobs - I agree, she does her cause no good at all. Brexit needs more Annas.

Sackers - mad as a box of frogs?

Wiggia - yes, the worst 10% comes to 65 MPs. A daunting thought.

Demetrius - I bet she can't play the piano as well as he did though.