Thursday, 10 January 2019

A moral crisis in China

Ironic really. The dog eat dog world of capitalism turns out to be even worse under communism. Gosh - who would have guessed?


Sam Vega said...

Very worrying, as the Chinese are likely to be the pace-setters and hegemonic world power of tomorrow. I'm glad that we had the USA filling that role. I wonder if it is a simple matter of communism, or starvation. Might it go further back - have the Chinese ever been famous for their altruism and civic virtues, or is that just how things have been portrayed over here?

Demetrius said...

Back in 1839-40 apparently one of my family connections declared war on China, he was Governor General Of India at the time and thought it was a good idea. We did get Hong Kong out of it but on the whole it has probably been more trouble than it was worth, except to the bankers and their connections. If May does this, I think she is on a loser.

A K Haart said...

Sam - I don't know but maybe the answer is as suggested in the clip - grinding poverty is too recent and the history of it is too long and pervasive for people to care about strangers. Even so, prosperity is only a few generations old here.

Demetrius - I think May would be on to a loser too, but who knows?