Sunday, 3 June 2018

Laptop news, iPad news

While on holiday I tend to scan the news on our iPad rather than fire up the laptop. The iPad gives a somewhat different perspective because unlike the laptop browser, Safari on our iPad has no ad blocker.

This leads me to avoid certain news sources because they are so choked with ads that the iPad has trouble loading pages. It hammers home a message that mainstream news is mostly clickbait and for many news outlets that is all it ever is. Obvious enough but a struggling iPad certainly rubs it in.

It can be a rum business coming back home after a holiday too. Home habits reassert themselves, one of which is keeping tabs on the news after all that clickbait avoidance. Yet interest in the news is slipping away as the internet steadily widens the gap between the clamour of mainstream pap and worthwhile comment.

We seem to be in an intermediate place where powerful forces try to control our attention. It’s really rather heartening because I don’t think they know how.


Scrobs. said...

You're right! Mrs O'Blene and I always relax after lunch with a refreshing tincture, and discussions usually demand further info and we resort to an Ipad!

I never really get an answer from Chrome on an Ipad, and still look on Safari as a poor man's engine, so we usually give up and talk about something else!

Hope your hols were worth it, Mr H. We had a fantasy holiday planning session yesterday, then finally decided to stay here because we like it so much!

Demetrius said...

I recall the good old days when our quiet Sunday afternoons were done for by the Salvation Army. I think I prefer the advert's.

A K Haart said...

Scrobs - we like where we are too and are tending to look at holidays as you and Mrs O'Blene do - staying put is a pleasant option,

Demetrius - I like the Salvation Army sound, I can listen to it for minutes on end.