Saturday, 23 June 2018

A big fat frappé

Sometimes when we have a large shopping list we begin with a coffee in the Tesco cafe. For us this is a recent development, but it certainly makes shopping easier. Probably the caffeine.

Anyhow, the other day two large youngish ladies sat nearby with two large frappés so being nosey I checked the calories. The Tesco cafe is helpful like that – it shows the calories against each meal and drink. Those frappés were 390 calories each so the obvious question arises. Do we have at least a partial explanation for the size of those youngish ladies? They were big.

Maybe this is merely something we notice because we don’t see people like that walking on Ecton Hill, climbing up Hall Dale or striding along Stanage Edge. Different environments, different people. It’s very noticeable.


Sam Vega said...

You often provide us with photos of interesting features you encounter on your rambles, but this post is a bit disappointing. Couldn't you have taken a shot of these two young ladies? To give us an idea, would you say that they were larger or smaller than Stanage Edge?

wiggiatlarge said...

When living near Haverhill in Suffolk, a post war London overspill town, we used the local Sainsburys, the size of some of the shoppers had to be seen to be believed, I suggested that Sainsburys introduce a one way system in the aisles as passing was impossible.

Demetrius said...

When seeing archive films of the past of ordinary people it is scary to see the difference, almost a different species. A lot of it seems to have happened in the last couple of decades or so, perhaps since the late 1980's. But most of us no longer eat real food.

A K Haart said...

Sam - a little smaller than Stanage Edge and the view from the top would probably be less dramatic.

Wiggia - it amazes me at times because I wonder where we are going.

Demetrius - 1950s videos of holidaymakers in the swimming pool at Butlins certainly bring it home.