Wednesday, 13 June 2018

Ageing is merely a belief system says Bill

According to the Mirror Coronation Street actor Bill Roache sees ageing as a belief system.

Fit and healthy Coronation Street star Bill Roache, 86, is often asked the secret to his seemingly eternal youth. In the final extract from his new book Life and Soul, Corrie’s Ken explains how he could live to 120.

Before we look at the practical steps to wellbeing, we need to look at beliefs.

Take ageing, for example. Ageing is a belief system within the collective consciousness of humanity. It’s what we’ve collectively decided about age and what it means for our body and our lifestyle.

We don’t have to age and die at a certain time. We can extend our lifespan by pushing the parameters of the belief that we’ll only live to 70, 80 or 90 years.

I can't say it feels like that to me but perhaps I'm not a natural believer.


Scrobs. said...

I'm quite content having got this far (71 next month).

Recently, I'm feeling ready to duck out of work I know I can't do now, but as my recent post on Ebay suggests, I don't need a Hyundai Multi hedge trimmer and chainsaw - I'll get a chap in to make the hedges smaller, and use a lightweight cordless trimmer instead!

That's what getting older means here...

Sam Vega said...

If ageing is just a belief system, who is the idiot who first suggested that 70 or 80 or 90 was our allotted span, and why did the rest of us believe the pessimistic so-and-so?

Demetrius said...

I hope he takes care crossing the road, a lot of OAPs lose more than their beliefs because of the boy racers.

wiggiatlarge said...

Believing will not extend the bodies limitations and we all have different ages at when the physical problems start, in my family my fathers side all died relatively young from natural causes but my mothers side all lived and one is still with us to a grand old age my mother made 100.
Someone said to me after exhausting himself by looking after his wife who had Chrohn's
desease from a teenager, "we all live to long, the body is little different to that of a hundred years ago when life expectancy was 45-50, it's medical science that keeps us going longer but the body for many can't manage the extra mileage" he had a point.

A K Haart said...

Scrobs - I'm already ducking out of work I know I can't do now such as lopping the trees.

Sam - I suppose we might say thay whoever he is the pessimistic so-and-so has made sure we aren't stuck with the same leaders forever.

Demetrius - young mothers with mobile phones are even worse.

Wiggia - he did have a point. The prospect of dementia after living too long is not a happy one.