Monday, 30 January 2017

Mass petulance

As we all know, over a million people have signed a petition urging the government to call off Donald Trump's state visit to the UK. A petition is a healthy way to thrash out political differences but this one reeks of petulance, that most unattractive of human responses.

Public petulance is not good and mass petulance even worse. It is there for the whole world to see. Even MPs will recognise it and draw their own conclusions.


Sam Vega said...

Agreed. This is not going to stop any time soon, though. This is confirmation bias and face-saving going into overdrive. Many millions of people have said loud and long that Trump is a disgusting Nazi. To quieten down is to admit that they got it wrong, and few people are any good at that.

And, with on-line petitions and ranting on social media being about the easiest form of protest, there's not much incentive to desist.

Bill Sticker said...

Funny how the self same people gave Obama a free pass when he suspended travel Visa's in 2011. Cognitive dissonance writ large, methinks.

Michael said...

I don't see any reason why we shouldn't welcome President Trump to these shores.

His predecessor insulted the majority of Britons with his crass opinions regarding trade, and was proved wrong, so I'd rather see a man with proper ideas to make the world a better place than a lazy idealist, whose 'memoirs on success' will be the shortest book ever.

A Voter said...

While I dont in general have much time for petitions: I have signed this one

Anonymous said...

I'm rather looking forward to DT's visit. His hair matching the gold of the State Landau, his black suited goons riding postillion - all too camp my dears. Then there will be the happy crowds waving flags and the not so happy crowds waving their middle fingers and showing their bottoms. To add to the fun there will be the global TV cameras showing the fights and baton charges. Of course Crazy Daisy could divert the visit to a Potemkin Village, I'm sure no-one would notice.

James Higham said...

Trouble is - it's a false petition, with computer generated signatures.

A Voter said...

I have little doubt that the 'keep President Trump out' petition is rigged having viewed the map of voters. I think the one I posted above may be more genuine given the spread of signatories

wiggiatlarge said...

It is all very similar to that which Nigel Farage had to and still puts up with, but on steroids, strange that what Farage said in the main has come to pass but he is still vilified.
The same will go on and on with Trump the first President/PM in my lifetime that has got on with implementing his promises, whatever you think of them, we could do with a bit of his urgency in Europe.
It is interesting that the Twattersphere has had dozens of calls for Trump to be eradicated one way or another, no hate crime committed there so far judging by the lack of arrests, my oh my what a two tier world we live in.

A K Haart said...

Sam - yet one would expect sane folk to desist... oh.

Bill - good point, but do they want to know that?

Scrobs - a 'lazy idealist' sums him up although I don't share his ideals.

AV - thanks for the link, I'll take a look.

Roger - would Poundbury do as a Potemkin Village?

James - as AV says below, the map looks okay.

Wiggia - that's the big one isn't it? We do live in a two tier political world.