Saturday, 28 January 2017

Swimming with the times

We took Grandson to the local swimming baths today. I'm not sure when we last visited, but we are talking decades rather than years. The place has certainly changed since we were there last. Mixed changing was the first surprise, although I don't know why it was a surprise because it seems perfectly sensible.

So some things have changed for the better, but others I'm not so sure about. We were able to keep an eye on Grandson through a vast glass wall while we sipped our coffee in comfort. All very civilised I thought. The coffee was okay too, in spite of disposable cups.

The whole environment was more tightly controlled and decorous than our day. Highly visible lifeguards, lots of staff, no diving boards and no kids hurtling around bombing each other. It was altogether more earnest. There were more tattoos on display too, especially among the women.

Behind us was another vast glass wall and behind that was gym full of huge fitness machines. Energetic folk pounded their way to nowhere on a row of walking machines. Conveyor belts with handles and lots of electronics, all of which looked hideously expensive. The whole place looked hideously expensive. The price of fitness I suppose. Yet nobody seemed to be enjoying themselves on their conveyor belts. Perhaps enjoyment isn't the idea. Indoor walking avoids outdoor uncertainties, avoids the wind, rain and sheep shit - perhaps that's the idea.

Ah well. On the whole I thought the place had improved. Controlled it may be, but even in the old days we had the attendant bellowing out the rules every now and then. Apart from the gym it was a pleasant experience. The gym was weird.


Sam Vega said...

avoids outdoor uncertainties, avoids the wind, rain and sheep shit -

Comparatively speaking, I've always found the ovine variety to be innocuous. I'd have thought it a small price to pay for keeping away from a gym.

Dog shit I would say is about on a par with the gym.

wiggiatlarge said...

It has always puzzled me that people are prepared to spend large amounts of money on gym membership and all the clobber that is deemed necessary to appear in one, rather than simply eat sensibly and walk more.
As everywhere nowadays the streets are full of early morning joggers in lycra none of whom seem capable of venturing more than a hundred yards from home without either a backpack, a litre water bottle or a giant Costa coffee or all three.
We have a group that pass every morning and have done for two years, amongst them is a woman who looks like a Michelin man in her lycra, her pace is just above walking and there has been no discernible weight loss in all that time, one things for sure the KFC buckets are still being delivered.
And on a serious note people who exercise or attempt to that are obese are seriously likely to damage joints or have a bloody heart attack.

Demetrius said...

A twelve hour shift in the parcels section of the local railway station did wonders for fitness. And you got paid for it, not much, but there was plenty of free tea, perhaps a little on the strong side.

A K Haart said...

Sam - yes, sheep shit is fairly innocuous. Just as well in Derbyshire.

Wiggia - we see them too, puffing along with bright pink faces lugging all that excess weight around. The weight needs to go first.

Demetrius - I bet the job is now mechanised and the tea comes out of a machine.