Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Tories to give away free building plots

David Cameron has pledged a free building plot for all first time buyers if he wins the general election. Each plot will have unrestricted planning permission too, a radical departure from UK planning regulations.

As Mr Cameron said to cheering supporters at a party rally in Sheringham. 

We are the party of home ownership. Make no doubt about it, this new offer applies to all first time buyers. It is our way of giving you your place on the property ladder.

Situated on Mars, each plot will include a Certificate of Authenticity with deckled edges. A small annual holding fee will be payable to Political Pledges LLP in the Cayman Islands.


Mark Wadsworth said...


Anonymous said...

Yes but Labour are promising free plots on the sun, so much warmer, just like Spain, so they say.

Demetrius said...

Simply can't help asking this. Have you lost the lot?

Demetrius said...

Errr, plot, cough cough.

A K Haart said...

Mark - thanks

David - but aren't sunplots declining?

Demetrius - I'm watching a drawn out play called "Election 2015" but the plot eludes me at the moment. The three main characters keep saying the other two dunnit.