Monday, 30 June 2014

Fluffy feudalism

One of our most powerful drivers is the search for security. It’s what stratifies our society, constantly working against social mobility.

Imagine you are an MP. You may actually be an MP, but it is pretty unlikely because you are reading this blog. Anyhow, imagine your party is the one currently “in power” as the euphemism has it. As you know, it means your party has to take the blame for a few years.

However, as well as taking the blame for the utterly mysterious ebb and flow of events, your lot has the power to hand down sinecures and positions of influence. In other words, your lot has the power to offer security.

A juicy prospect eh?

In our society, security comes from a number of sources, but principally from wealth, social status and a network of useful contacts. This is why so many obviously bent or incompetent public figures are so difficult to dislodge. FIFA is a topical example.

A social democratic world is leading us towards two social layers – base layer and mobile layer. Base layer folk stay where they are while the mobile layer is able to move around, making good use of those contacts and the opportunities they bring.

It's what all the climate change malarkey is about - to make sure base layer folk are less mobile physically as well as socially. Fluffy feudalism.

This is also what equality means by the way – equality within the base layer.

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