Thursday, 13 February 2014

I like ice cream

From Wikipedia

Back in the seventies when Big Questions were generally sorted out at the pub over a game of darts, a philosophically-minded friend said something to me I’ve always remembered.

“In the end you have to say I like ice cream.”

What he meant was obvious enough – we have our preferences and allegiances and in end we have to admit that’s all they are. We usually pad it out with reasoned argument but may as well admit what’s behind it all – a liking for our own conclusions.

Most of us are not open to verbal persuasion and although the arts of argument can be good for the soul, it is worth remembering why we like ice cream. Or whatever else takes your fancy.

I like that cheap synthetic swirly stuff with a chocolate flake shoved in. I’m not so keen on proper ice cream full of genuine dairy products.


Mark Wadsworth said...

Most people like ice cream. The point is, it is a 50/50 mix of fat and sugar. Either of these in isolation is pretty unappealing, but they complement each other perfectly* and are quite addictive.

* A 25 sugar and 75 fat mix is note nice, neither is 25 fat and 75 sugar, it has to be close to 50/50.

I know that this was not the point of your post, I was just passing on a tit bit of general knowledge.

Demetrius said...

According to a recent TV programme it is suggested that the 50/50 fat/sugar mix is the most addictive and preferred, hence weight gain problems. My preference is home made with the right amount of decent cognac or Armagnac.

A K Haart said...

Mark - you make it sound yummy. A 25 sugar and 75 fat mix sounds something like butter icing.

Demetrius - I like ice cream but don't find it at all addictive. I often go for months without sampling one.