Saturday, 31 December 2011

A quote for the New Year

Those who trust us educate us.
George Eliot - Daniel Deronda

Only six words, but I think this is an extraordinarily profound quote. I had to think for a moment when I first came across it, because Eliot's words obviously don't apply to everyone do they? Think politician.

No? Only if you've the stomach for it then - I quite understand why not everyone cares to dwell on the greasy-pole climbers here at the tail end of the festive season.  

But for me, gems like this delicious little quote elevate George Eliot to one of the greats. Her writing may perhaps be a little uneven in places, but her insights more than make up for it. A great writer to take us into the New Year.


Demetrius said...

How is it when we have so much education that so many people know so little?

dearieme said...

I read Middlemarch in my 20s - thought it very fine. I picked it up in my 40s - could get nowhere with it. I have no idea what lesson this teaches.

Anyway, enjoy this.

James Higham said...

Trust begets trust.

A K Haart said...

D - how many teachers are trusted to teach as they see fit?

d - I enjoy Eliot more as I get older, but I know she is something of an acquired taste. Thanks for the link though.

A K Haart said...

JH - it does. I once heard an interesting series of talks on trust and how we mistakenly try to replace it with targets and standards.