Thursday, 8 December 2011

Dreamy delicious state

Everybody, I suppose, knows the dreamy, delicious state in which one lies, half asleep, half awake, while consciousness begins to return after a sound nights's rest in a new place which we are glad to be in, following upon a day of unwonted excitement and exertion. There are few pleasanter pieces of life. The worst of it is that they last such a short time; for nurse them as you will, by lying perfectly passive in mind and body, you can't make more than five minutes or so of them. After which time the stupid, obtrusive, wakeful entity which we call "I", as impatient as he is stiff-necked, spite of our teeth will force himself back again, and take possession of us down to our very toes. 

Thomas Hughes - Tom Brown's Schooldays


James Higham said...

Unless you tend to cough a lot and get rid of it all in the morning. Then the morning looks somewhat different.

A K Haart said...

JH - I'm an early morning person, particularly in summer. Maybe it's the red wine.