Friday, 18 November 2011

Early dunking

We recently taught grandson one of life's basic lessons - dunking biscuits. The biscuit we selected for training purposes was the ginger nut, possibly the most dunkable of biscuits, but not necessarily the easiest for a beginner. Anyway, as all dunkers know, dunking technique comes down to the three Ds - Dip, Draw and Droppage.

  • Dip - into the tea or other hot beverage.          
  • Draw - from the beverage.
  • Droppage - to be avoided at all costs. 

Even though grandson doesn't drink tea, being only four, he soon learned to dunk very creditably in his grandparent's tea. Initially we were prepared for some droppage from such an early learner, but were pleasantly surprised at how quickly he developed a deft technique.

All in all, very pleasing. A basic but vital life-skill successfully passed on.


Sam Vega said...

Rich Tea require a more advanced technique; and Hobnobs even more so, although the ultimate result is much more satisfying. But yes, Gingers are the most stable and a good beginner's biscuit.

I hope you taught him the importance of timing. Many times, I have lost concentration for a second, only to be left with a miserable sliver of dry biscuit and a cup full of sludge. And there is, of course, the important matter of how to lift to the mouth. Lead with the edge of the biscuit, of course, rather than lifting it like a flap. The worst possible outcome is to drop the dunked bit back into the cup from a height.

Such things are excellent lessons for a young child. The importance of technique, and style, and proportion.

Demetrius said...

It is my view that modern biscuits are not as robust as those of a happier age. If so, your grandson must have shown particular skill. The last time I tried it the biccies just fell to pieces.

A K Haart said...

SV - he seemed to get the idea by instinct, which makes me think that dunking may be a genetic trait (:

D - these were ginger nuts from the Sainsbury's Basics range - very cheap and quite robust.

David Duff said...

An excellent sport to introduce to a youngster requiring hand-eye co-ordination, dexterity and speed. Can't think why it hasn't become an Olympic sport!

A K Haart said...

DD - too many oldies winning medals?