Tuesday, 7 February 2017


I see Commons Speaker John Bercow has created a stir with his insistence that Donald Trump will not be allowed to address Parliament. Something to do with the US President not measuring up to a politically correct standard Bercow just invented I suppose.

From the BBC

Commons Speaker John Bercow has been criticised for voicing his opposition to US President Donald Trump addressing Parliament during a state visit.

Senior Tories told the BBC his comments had caused a lot of anger, with one saying it was "utterly outrageous" and others saying he should be impartial.

Mr Bercow said "opposition to racism and sexism" were "hugely important considerations" for the Commons.

The trouble with Bercow is that as soon as he sticks his head over the political parapet one is reminded of puppets and the possibility that his ghastly wife put him up to it. She whose "occupation" Wikipedia gives as Political activist and media personality. 

From there it is but a short and unsavoury step to wonder what she may have offered in return. Once dignity is gone it is gone. It becomes a nice to have. Bercow doesn’t have it.


Sam Vega said...

"it is but a short and unsavoury step to wonder what she may have offered in return."

If he had shown the courage to divorce her after the last scandal, I reckon he could have regained some of that dignity. But perhaps not. He seems to be the sort of chippy self-promoting little bloke that everyone would always have disliked right from primary school.

wiggiatlarge said...

I put this up on Guidos blog...........

There is something seriously wrong when the POTUS carries out an election pledge and puts in place a moratorium and is condemned by all politicians in the western world.
Non of this is because of the moratorium, it is because Trump has upset the status quo by getting elected at all, Bercow is just a sympton of this sickness, a non person in the importance stakes trying to make a mark for himself.
If you go to CiF you will see hundreds who talk of Trump as the devil incarnate, a man who has been in the job two weeks, they must all be seriously worried for the future of the left to be so incensed over absolutely nothing.

James Higham said...

Some good jokes going around about him.

Michael said...

I consider that President Trump doesn't bother with visiting the HoC, but has a reception elsewhere, away from preening politicians and some sort of motley pumped up Lords gathering.

How about Wembley, or Twickenham, where the police can handle the lefties much better, a long way from Westminster, and it wouldn't bring the capital to a grinding halt either!


A K Haart said...

Sam - yes, at the time I though divorce was his best bet if he wanted to restore some dignity. Obviously not his top priority.

Wiggia - I agree, the wrong type of voter put their guy into the Oval Office and the establishment hates that. Not so much Trump, but those who dared vote for him.

James - and he does nothing to discourage them.

Scrobs - good idea, although from where we are the capital can grind to a halt.