Thursday, 3 November 2016

The gay imam

In deccanchronicle there is a piece about Muhsin Hendricks, the openly gay South African imam.

Cape Town: Friday prayers at the People’s Mosque in Cape Town looks like any other around the Islamic world, except in this South African city the imam is openly gay and the teaching promotes homosexual rights.

It is a stance that provokes outrage from many Muslims, but Muhsin Hendricks has built up a small, loyal congregation by helping worshipers try to reconcile their sexuality and their religion.

“There is this love-hate relationship from the Muslim community,” Hendricks said. “Sometimes they feel that I should be thrown from the highest mountain, and sometimes they appreciate that there is one imam who is willing to work with people who they are unwilling to work with.”

Cape Town has an active gay scene, and is often described as the “gay capital” of Africa, with a district of gay-friendly restaurants, bars, guesthouses and clubs near the city centre.

Whatever wider views one might have on the story, Muhsin Hendricks must be an extraordinarily courageous man. 


Anonymous said...

Brave yes but the location is well chosen. Interesting to think about just how far a shouty troublesome Imam would get on in Capetown. A fairly well off multicultural place, I can't think a return to old time religion would have much appeal. Then there is the intriguing relationship between deities, money and power, plot a graph of that and you have a map of the trouble spots.

A K Haart said...

Roger - yes, with a car in the garage shouty troublesome Imam has less appeal.

Anonymous said...

Naughty AK!