Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Plugged up


Are you the kind of person who eats bananas with a blotchy brown skin? According to this piece, that's is the best one to eat - no 7 in the picture. Only ripe bananas have broken down resistant starches into sugars.

When a banana is picked for the grocery store, it is picked and shipped green (unripe). In this stage the banana is comprised of a type of resistant starch for which the human body lacks the enzyme to break down. This banana (#1-5) will plug you up. Plus it has that awful “dry” texture that makes you want to spit it out.

I'd go for no 7 too - possibly no 6 but that's it. A banana should taste like a banana.


Sam Vega said...

Definitely number 7. My mum used to buy the slightly speckled brownish ones, because she saw that West Indian shoppers favoured those, and they probably had superior knowledge of this matter.

Brown speckles are better than big blotches. The latter often mean bruising.

Scrobs... said...

How interesting!

In the comments for the article, someone says that the lower numbers react differently to the later numbers!


Probably a five or a six, as an advert keeps popping up saying five things to avoid eating...

Demetrius said...

As my glasses are badly in need of a clean, at first I thought I was looking at the Lib Dem's in the Cabinet.

A K Haart said...

Sam - yes I like speckled bananas although I don't mind a little bruising.

Scrobs - five is a little green for me, worth waiting a day or so.

Demetrius - I can see why - all bent the same way.