Sunday, 6 July 2014

Posh nosh digested

For the posh nosh we visited Fischer's at Baslow Hall. The food was extraordinarily inventive and delicious.

I had pan fried turbot with a miso glaze, razor clams, coconut & lime leaf broth and Wakame seaweed. My better half had fore rib & smoked cheek of Derbyshire beef with caramelised onions, grilled asparagus and parmentier potatoes.

Lots of other bits and pieces too. It hasn't turned me into a foodie, but I understand why people might get hooked on fine dining. People with money that is.

Ah well...

What's been going on in the world?

I see that squirt Bercow wants people to pretend he's much bigger than nature, in its infinite wisdom, decided to make him. Surely he knows it's nothing to do with his physical size.

John Bercow has said that discriminating against someone because of their height should be as socially unacceptable as discriminating against someone because of their race or sexuality.

The Commons’ Deputy Speaker, who stands at a below average 5ft 6ins tall, believes society's tendency to see insults about height as acceptable is wrong.


Sam Vega said...

Blimey, that meal comes with a lot of white powder. Do you spoon it up, or snort it?

The Bercow article is interesting, but not because I have any sympathy for the horrible little midget. But I did love this bit:

"Just months later, David Cameron found himself in hot water when he made an equally ill-judged quip about Bercow being one of the Seven Dwarfs.

In a dig at the Deputy Speaker of the House of Commons, Mr Cameron said that Health Minister Simon Burns's driver had accidentally hit the Speaker's car while reversing.

When the Bercow reacted by saying “he was not happy”, the Prime Minister asked “So which one are you then?”

This is the best thing I have ever heard attributed to Cameron. That's not saying much, but if true it must have been off the cuff, and is really rather splendid.

A K Haart said...

Sam - you can snort the white powder through a straw of bamboo excreted by baby pandas.

As for Cameron, maybe he has a sharper side we almost never see apart from rare glints of the stiletto.