Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Mediocre circumstances

Pre-eminence is sweet to those who love it, even under mediocre circumstances.
George Eliot - Daniel Deronda (1876)

There doesn't see to be much confidence in Dave's latest attempt to disguise himself as a Prime Minister. Quite remarkable if one considers the amount of research, analysis and weighing of political consequences which must have gone into his recent reshuffle.

The obvious likelihood that Cameron himself doesn't inspire enough confidence - well presumably that is off the agenda. Too disruptive so other, lesser heads must roll even if they are not the root cause of the mediocrity which dogs his every step.  


Anonymous said...

So, with UKIP gone and Milliband floundering I find it hard to see what useful purpose this reshuffle serves. Just rearranging the deckchairs whilst we squabble importantly about who sits next to who at the EU jelly and blancmange party. Perhaps Mumsnet will swing it.

I do get the feeling that much bigger forces are at work, the world's media moguls are carving up the market for hearts and minds. We have become consumer cash-cows - and you know what comes next. Big finance is beginning to short-circuit the West. Here at home the iron fist is beginning to show through the velvet. Gradually we become like one of those dusty southern Europe towns with old men sitting under a tree while old women natter and the children have moved away.

Our leaders live in a theatrical world of faux power and influence, the play goes on but no-one is in the auditorium, the action is elsewhere.

A K Haart said...

Roger - excellent. I'll go ahead and use that as a post if I may.