Friday, 18 January 2013

The rhythm of political drums


I see settled science has settled again. Anthropogenic Climate Change (AGW) is a bore and its believers even bigger bores, but what sustains it? Is it the harbinger of a new religion – or rather an ancient, pre-rational religion in a new guise? Check out these bonkers quotes to test the idea :-

There are shed loads of this stuff – much of it even more bizarre and extreme than the examples above.

Yet why do people claim to believe in AGW when their lifestyles give the game away just as emphatically as the silliness of their words?

How many AGW cult members have moved to a carbon neural lifestyle? Or is it merely self-serving rhetoric - asking nothing from middle class believers in the way of inconvenient lifestyle adjustments?

How many refuse to consume electricity, fossil fuels, plastics and powered transport? How many eat no food produced beyond walking distance? How many do without clothes, mobile phone, computer, fridge, freezer, heating, lighting, bricks, mortar, water supply or sewage disposal? How many refuse to use computers?


Okay, so more rational folk probably don’t expect AGW cultists to build Iron Age villages all over the place, but something rather more convincing than solar panels and recycling is surely indicated if we are to accept their professed beliefs as genuine.

Yes the whole silly business is a tedious bore and has been for some years, but why are the AGW believers such fanatical and unrepentant liars? They no more believe CO2 to be dangerous than I do.

They don’t even acknowledge the jaw-dropping dishonesty of it all as they hurtle down the motorway at 80mph in a Toyota Prius before jetting off on their hols. I don’t begrudge them the modern comforts and the consumption, but why lard it with lies? Why the scams? Why the frauds? Why did science have to be thrown to the bureaucratic wolves?

Yet people still claim to believe in AGW. Businesses claim to be observing the mantras and climate change legislation hasn’t been repealed. The science is falling apart because the climate won’t play ball and politicians sense an uninterested public. Yet still the lies come.

It tells us something about ancient cults, human nature and the sneaking, alluring rhythm of the political drumbeat - not the climate.


Demetrius said...

The Earth can play strange tricks. Anyone for Global Cooling? Or how about Europe reverting to tundra and desert? The Sahara was once a green and pleasant land.

A K Haart said...

Demetrius - that's it, we should prepare for whatever it might throw at us, not get caught out by a loopy prediction.

James Higham said...

Yet why do people claim to believe in AGW when their lifestyles give the game away just as emphatically as the silliness of their words?

You like asking the easy ones.

A K Haart said...

James - I suppose it just shows how political it all is.