Sunday, 20 May 2012


We had some WWF people in green jackets knock on the door the other day. I just said "no" and politely waved them away as I always do to cold-callers trying to either sell me something or share their lack of wisdom.

As I gazed at them out of the window scurrying from house to house, I wasted a few not particularly precious moments of my life wondering what on earth goes off in their heads. Or is that "what on Earth"?

Three of them - all young and a touch scruffy but doing their best no doubt. Maybe they were just after our money rather than the future of our grandchildren. Even so, should I throw my limited tolerance out of the window and refer to them as greenshirts? Many of them would certainly refer to me as a "denier". Or worse.

Yet it isn't a good idea to get too upset even by the antics of WWF because nonsense and peddlers of nonsense aren't going away any time soon. Even so it isn't easy to even watch the video above, let alone give the makers of it some rudimentary moral credence. These are children they are using for heaven's sake.

Mind you, those children have parents don't they?


Sam Vega said...

I thought they were just interested in saving pandas etc., which is harmless enough. I guess they originally were, but all their employees and fundraisers have picked on the global warming trope as a means of maintaining revenue. It is a bit like the "War on Terror", I guess. Politicians start out with valid and concrete objectives ("This bloke blew up one of our buildings, so we are going to take him out") and then find they need to rev things up by declaring their determination to root out all human evil.

I think you should have invited these youngsters in, sat them down, and given them a pithy lecture over their cold nettle tea.

A K Haart said...

Sam - I probably should have engaged with them, but I don't really care what they think. That's probably a mistake on my part.