Wednesday, 17 July 2019

Mere speculation

This is merely speculation but I’ve been wondering why the global warming climate change climate emergency stories have recently been spewed out in even greater numbers than usual by the mainstream media. Why have the usual suspects suddenly started to declare climate emergencies all over the place? It's unprecedented.

Anyhow here’s the speculation - and it is merely speculation. Maybe some authoritative source has quietly put it about that we are in for a protracted period of unambiguous cooling. In which case the official story will be – it could have been worse. Not an original thought of course, but something seems to be in the air. Not snow I hope.


Sam Vega said...

It could have been worse? China has continued to industrialise, and most of the laws western countries have passed are yet to make a difference. If anything has halted the approach of Armageddon it is me recycling yogurt pots. I don't just put 'em in the special bin. Sometimes I grow seedlings in them, and then recycle.

Michael said...

Too right!

You only need all the eco-warriors at the BBC, The Groaniad and a few other snowflake crowds of layabouts squealing stuff, and hey-ho, the silly season starts early, well, at least before Boris barges into No 10 and tells them all to get stuffed!

Sackerson said...

I thought mere speculation was staring at a lake.

A K Haart said...

Sam - we now recycle fewer yogurt pots because the grandkids have recently started eating less yogurt. I'm wondering if we should buy the same amount of yogurt and flush most of it down the sink to maintain our recycling levels.

Scrobs - unfortunately I can't see Boris telling them all to get stuffed. It's a problem with not having a president, but even if we did we'd elect somebody absurd.

Sackers - or investing in a very small dam?