Saturday, 6 October 2018

Closer and closer to peak loon

A global milestone we are told, which from one perspective it is.

A new global majority: Half the world is now middle class or richer, study finds

For the first time, the majority of the world’s population is not poor or vulnerable to poverty and the middle class accounts for the globe's largest economic group

As of September, an estimated 3.8 billion people are now middle class or rich

However there is an obvious downside because the middle class is where most of our loons reside. It hardly merits spelling out, but increase the global middle class and we increase the global loon population. Universities, government, the wider public sector, charities, NGOs - middle class loons have many hiding places.

We are already familiar with climate looning, Strictly Come Looning, #Meloontoo, Loon Pride and a vast array of other loon-themed movements, all placing an increasing burden on our fragile collective sanity.

Inevitably one becomes aware of a looming monster, the possibility that the world is rapidly approaching an irreversible disaster - peak loon. A tipping point beyond which there is only madness and chaos.


Sam Vega said...

There's apparently a new degree for all those who are full of hot air: a BA (Loon).

James Higham said...

Looming monster or looning monster?

Demetrius said...

The theoretical structure of class in the 19th Century and well into the 20th was invented at a time of rapid change. So it was not correct then, just a theory that was taken up and ran and ran, especially among politicians the the media of the period. Even today in the 21st Century we have what are essentially variants of this format. First it is a lot more complicated than this, secondly defining what the relative values of the form of work are is an intricate business. Thirdly, no sooner might you have a theory then the world changes again.

Michael said...

"As of September, 3.8 billion..."

Can't they be a little bit more accurate?

As always, I blame Excel for the world's woes!

A K Haart said...

Sam - I bet the lectures are fun.

James - good point. I think I prefer looning monster now.

Demetrius - good points, it seems dubious to me too but it's how we look at these things.

Scrobs - I find Excel very useful, it's so easy to make it give the right answer.