Saturday, 12 August 2017


We were walking on Ecton Hill today. A pleasant walk, part of which took us along a narrow country road which led to a few farmhouses before petering out into a track winding along a valley. This part of the walk was very quiet. We were well away from the Manifold Trail, there were no busy roads nearby, hardly any people and nothing to disturb the sheep from their contented grazing.

It was so quiet that we both noticed how silent it was. Hardly a sound apart from our own footsteps. It didn’t last but most of us have probably become so accustomed to noise that the lack of it is noticed, especially in broad daylight.

The picture shows an old millpond with a small derelict stone building in one corner. Not even a duck ripples the water.


Michael said...

Just doing a 'Wiki' says so much about the beauty of your area, A.K.!

I didn't know about the copper and lead mines until now, and to know that good people like you and Mrs A.K. can still walk the lanes and think of who lived in that building, is just a fabulous area for investigation.

Great post, and worth treasuring.

James Higham said...

For me, that would be a dream, when the fall of a leaf is heard or the scurrying of some small creature.

Demetrius said...

It might be a bit noisier when the ducks start mating. But be careful, if you draw attention to this, especially the old Leek - Manifold railway, you will have a branch of the HS2.

A K Haart said...

Scrobs - thanks and yes, it is a lovely area beyond the cities and larger towns. Interesting industrially too.

James - I can see why there were one or two houses. Isolated but extraordinarily peaceful.

Demetrius - we enjoyed a pot of tea and a slice of cake in part of the old Leek - Manifold railway station.