Saturday, 16 January 2016

What did I say?

A movie editing development from Disney:-

We present a method to continuously blend between multiple facial performances of an actor, which can contain different facial expressions or emotional states. As an example, given sad and angry video takes of a scene, our method empowers a movie director to specify arbitrary weighted combinations and smooth transitions between the two takes in post-production.

Clever stuff which certainly sends the imagination roaming over other possibilities.


Sackerson said...

Party political broadcasts? Big Brother announcements?

Anonymous said...

Sackerson got there first - fake sincerity, coming to a party political broadcast near you.

wiggiatlarge said...

"Fake sincerity" I think they have mastered that already !

Cast iron gave a very good version of it recently standing in the flood waters in his "man of the people" wellingtons.

Goes with 'concerned' usually accompanied by a raised arm pointing at something no one can see.
Puzzled, usually expressed when they have no answer to a question they dreaded being asked.
The fake laugh to a weak joke is always a difficult one but the best do it with aplomb.

I could go on...................

Demetrius said...

I think I will stay with the original "Snowwhite And The Seven Dwarves" and "Bambi", OK I'm a Grumpy at heart. Now for Youtube and "April Showers".

A K Haart said...

Sackers and Roger - possibly tuned in real time as audience reaction comes in.

Wiggia - "About your sincerity Prime Minister - do you wish us to improve it?"

Demetrius - I'll stick with snooker. I think that's still genuine.