Wednesday, 13 January 2016

Lottery Winners Come Forward

In a shock move today, mega lottery winners "Mr and Mrs C" have finally come forward.

The world has been waiting to know who they are and although they wish to preserve a degree of anonymity we can finally reveal that humongous "Lottery of Life" winners are "Mr and Mrs C" from southern England. However there will be no big spending spree just yet as Mr and Mrs C are adamant that their good fortune will not change their lifestyle.

"We'll carry on buying tickets," grins Mr C. "You never know do you? I'll also carry on working for a few years at least," he adds. "That should give us enough time to work out a new direction".

We understand that Mr and Mrs C are being advised by the ultra discreet Blair & Blair LLP.  


Sackerson said...

Funny that, I was thinking just the same thing. Only £30 million, but guaranteed.

Demetrius said...

Poor woman, did nobody warn her?

A K Haart said...

Sackers - and no doubt more to come with the next career.

Demetrius - they must have thought it obvious.