Friday, 22 January 2016

Duvet TV

Hot on the heels of LG’s flexible TV screen comes a proposal for what would be a remarkable development in fully flexible TV products – the TV duvet.

“The global slob market is simply huge and bound to grow even further," explains Dr Baz Broxtowe, a Fradley University specialist in product strategies. "Thanks to pervasive automation we expect consumers of the future to spend most of their lives in bed, in which case it is essential to insert new products into the bedroom.”

“Hence the TV duvet - a fully immersive web-enabled flexible TV which also doubles as a remarkably cosy duvet. Customers have full touch-sensitive control of their environment such that their favourite TV programme may be played on any part of the duvet.”

"For those who are looking for more novelty there will be TV pyjamas” Dr Baz adds. “You will be able to watch East Enders on your partners pyjamas and vice versa. The possibilities are endless.”

“To take care of those occasions when consumers feel the urge to get out of bed we have TV socks,” he continues with mounting enthusiasm. “Customers will be able to watch two TV channels merely by taking off their shoes and putting their feet up.”


Derek said...

Camouflage uniforms and armoured vehicles covered in such technology could assimilate into the background as they move along becoming almost invisible. What other point would there be for such things . . unless you wanted to escape from the Mother-in-Law's gaze. The invisible man cometh.

missred said...

oh good lord no

Demetrius said...

But can it brew a cup of tea?

A K Haart said...

Derek - the shed could become invisible to potential intruders.

missred - probably not but you never know.

Demetrius - it can show you one but that's about it.