Thursday, 12 February 2015


North Korean electorate

The Guardian reports on a new list of 310 North Korean slogans. I'm not sure how well Google translates some of them.

Law enforcement officials are scary tiger impure hostile to those who are the people loyal and true, Be a hasher!

Unpack the new scheme and the ever-stiffening!

All out attack to accelerate the shed(*) before the final victory of the revolutionary spirit of the Baekdu after party!

The revolution and the whole community of Kim Il Sung - Kim attention let's mad!

Great Kim Jong-un comrades let shooter that is accompanied by the Central Committee of the party to life!

Get out per cable and policy firmly grasping a stick to play with arranging business party!

* Presumably a new type of North Korean tank.

It's all a little obscure, but maybe the last one has something to do with the Lib Dems.


Edward Spalton said...

Looks like poor machine translation.

I was once puzzled by a translation from German which mentioned " the never flax sinking day".

It was the best the machine could do with " Sankt Nimmerleins Tag" . More or less " Saint Never's day"-
A day which never comes.
The Romans would have said " the Greek calends"

A K Haart said...

Edward - very poor machine translation from the look of it. Yet Google is pushing ahead with machine translation of the spoken word.