Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Zombies go global

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Climate science designed to foster the UN equality agenda has often been described as zombie science. It may be as dead as a dodo but it won’t lie down.

Of course the reason the apocalyptic CO2 corpse won’t lie down is because it is still propped up by UN treaties plus EU and national laws and policies. So it won’t expire properly while there is still enough funding for it to lurch around spewing putrid nonsense.

The same applies to the IPCC which is busy casting the runes for another report (AR5) on the state of our climate with the same policy agenda as the four previous reports. What will it say? Hardly anyone seems to care. The number of people who know it to be an international fraud grows year by year, yet still it blunders on trying to scare the pants off the gullible and their children.

But the problem of zombie bureaucracy is wider than the IPCC and its brain-dead antics. Too many bureaucracies relapse into a zombie state decades before they are closed down. If indeed they are ever closed down. They survive as the undead by promoting their own funding rather than doing something useful.

The UK is infested with zombies, the BBC, NHS and state education to name only three. Reorganization isn’t the answer because we end up with the same people pursuing the same zombie agenda.

In many ways this is what free enterprise is all about. It’s about maintaining a certain dynamism where the zombies are actually laid to rest. Free enterprise has its problems, but the dead hand of zombie bureaucracy poses greater dangers.

Because the zombies have gone global.

Looping back to the IPCC and behind that the UNFCCC, we have two major zombies in dire need of cremation. They are costing the global economy hundreds of billions in absurdly misdirected energy and environmental policies, yet we have no means of killing them off. Poking holes in the science has become too easy and in many ways misses the point because the science is zombie science propped up with funding. The undead don’t generally respond to even the most telling criticism.

What to do? The only option I see is to draw back from our hopelessly naive foray into too many binding international treaties, particularly with the EU and UN. To have any chance of achieving that, we have to vote more radically. The three main UK political parties joined the legions of the undead years ago and it’s time to wake up and smell the stench.


RMcGeddon said...

Sadly the global warming scammers don't even need to bother trying to prove their junk science anymore.
As quickly as one junk science report of theirs is debunked another one will appear. Leaving us skeptics tired and fed up. Using our energy fighting a never ending battle against scammers who are on £150K plus exes.
The scammers have infiltrated every section of society and even school kids must agree with their global warming scams or will fail to pass. My young relatives tell me that they know it's all nonsense about windmills saving us etc but they have to go along with it or their 'teachers' will ensure they fail.
In 50 years time people will laugh at the deceit of the global warming scammers but sadly millions will have frozen to death by then. Millions who won't be able to share in the joke.

A K Haart said...

RM - it is tiring, but I think that's the nature of the beast.

If the world turn significantly cooler then that may kill it off, but a UN-sponsored barrage of lies about sustainability will have replaced it anyway.

Sustainability will be more problematic, because basically the things we do ought to be sustainable.