Saturday, 4 February 2012

German Rain

C H Sorley
Born 1895
Killed in action 1915
The heat came down and sapped away my
   The laden heat came down and drowned my
Till through the weight of overcoming hours
                    I felt the rain.

Then suddenly I saw what more to see
   I never thought : old things renewed, retrieved,
The rain that fell in England fell on me,
                    And I believed.

C H Sorley


rogerh said...

I always stand in awe of the First World War poets. So mature and far-seeing for ones so young, such depth of Latin and Greek and of feeling in their writing. I get the feeling the era 1890 to 1910 was a golden era - at least for Europeans. One slight niggle, a few seem a bit obsessed with religion but I get the feeling this was a last gasp, a hangover of an era past even in 1915.

A K Haart said...

rogerh - I agree. Sometimes I also wonder if our gene pool was damaged by two world wars. Maybe it's more social and cultural than that.