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Baroggnaritlornn reigned in his steed to gaze over the dark valley of Krgnorrth far below. A flaming arc of sunlight scattered brilliant lancing shafts of orange light over far hills, piercing the purple night like a sword slash through great rolls of velvet.
      "The great day dawns Baroggnaritlornn."
      Baroggnaritlornn wheeled round, hand on fire-sword, his steed snorting pale plumes of vapour into icy air, but it was only Krrkrrklaathann. Baroggnaritlornn relaxed – pleased that his faithful lieutenant had risen at dawn to join his leader on the lonely hillside.
      "So Krrkrrklaathann - could you not sleep?" Baroggnaritlornn asked.
      "I cannot escape my mind-world – my thoughts of what this dawning day may bring. Once all is done that is destined to be done," Krrkrrklaathann replied. His own steed stood calm and quiet on the freezing hillside, awaiting the touch of a spur while chewing the wiry blue tufts of brinthlornborrl grass, the only vegetation able to survive the bleak high hills above the valley of Krgnorrth.
      The two warriors watched for long minutes as the glow of the rising sun cast livid lights across the far horizon. Soon ground-mists would stir far below in the valley of Krgnorrth, pale hills thrusting their shoulders into the dawn sky. Then the carrion eaters, the Brthrallnlann birds and the sharp-toothed Sqestallan bats would gather to feed, their harsh calls echoing in the cold high air as their mystic senses told of the grim slaughter to come.
      Baroggnaritlornn unsheathed his fire-sword, inspected its gleaming strength before formally kissing its bitter cold blade. He was the first to break the musing silence that had threatened to envelop the two warriors high over the valley of Krgnorrth.
      "My own mind-pictures trouble me too - so be easy brave Krrkrrklaathanm." Baroggnaritlornn stroked the glistening mane of his steed with a mailed hand. The beast's claws were sheathed with Malthringoriann steel which drew fat bright sparks from bare volcanic rock as it pawed the ground, restless and unquiet.
      "Krrkrrklaathann," said Krrkrrklaathann quietly.
      "What?" Baroggnaritlornn dragged his troubled, thoughts back to the present.
      "My name is Krrkrrklaathann," Krrkrrklaathann repeated patiently.
      "That is what I said - Krrkrrklaathann." Baroggnaritlornn felt a hot flush of irritation. Great moves were afoot in the valley of Krgnorrth and Krrkrrklaathann was quibbling about names.
      "You said Krrkrrklaathanm - with an 'm' at the end."
      Baroggnaritlornn stroked the pommel of his fire-sword before replying. The sun rose over the far hills as night-mist swirled through the valley. The God of Wakefulness approached with soft tread, shoulder to shoulder with the God of Light.
      "What is there in a name Krrkrrklaathann?" Baroggnaritlornn replied at last. "Today the whole history of our great Oraldrrgnthnnglliann people may be torn asunder for the rest of eternity. Today we are destined to know glorious victory or unthinkable defeat."
      Krrkrrklaathann nodded at the truth of what his leader had said. He blew through his straggling moustache and sighed again as if the Wind of Llathllallann was trapped in his huge barrel chest. "All these cursedly long names," he said at last, as if reaching a momentous decision. "I can hardly remember any of them - even yours my leader."
      Baroggnaritlornn pondered for a long time. He remained still and silent till he saw the first red flickers of stirred camp fires in the grey light of the valley of Krgnorrth and felt the warm rays of the sun on his armour. "Yes," Baroggnaritlornn replied at last, "even on a momentous day such as this, I am at one with the mood of your thoughts Krrkrrklaathann. I confess to you now that in the silent places of my mind, I would rather those close to me could call me Baz."

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