Tuesday, 19 September 2017

Big badges

It isn't only the cars, but car badges seem to grow bigger and bigger as the years roll by. There is no mistaking a Mercedes in the rear-view mirror, with a badge big enough to adorn a truck only a few years ago. As most cars are little more than boxes on wheels I suppose manufacturers have an increasing need to distinguish their brand. 

Does it work though? Not for me, I prefer something more discreet, but times change so there must be some advantage to big badges. 

I wonder if car badges will continue to grow? Perhaps manufacturers will come up with some kind of holographic effect where the badge seems much bigger than it really is. 


Sackerson said...

And don't forget the bling potential:

Macheath said...

Apparently with some German cars, when ordering new, you can request the 'additional extra' of having no manufacturer's badge on the rear of the car - this seems fairly pointless when the vast front badge proclaims to all and sundry what you are driving.

Demetrius said...

the bigger the cars the bigger the costs of motoring and for too many the bigger the debt load they are carrying. If interest rates rise enough many will not be able to afford the petrol.

A K Haart said...

Sackers - maybe that's the idea, make them too big for bling.

Macheath - I take that as suggesting the owner could afford the brand but not the model he/she really wanted.

Demetrius - that could be so. Round here we see one or two expensive cars which never seem to be driven anywhere, which must help with the cost of ownership.