Friday, 12 May 2017

Mystery bird

Not a good photo I'm afraid. Maximum zoom and taken too quickly because the bird was flitting around on a dry stone wall. I'm not a bird chap and don't know what it is. One possibility came up from leafing through a bird book, but it's an unlikely one so I'm posting the photo in case anyone does know.

We saw a pair of them up on a hill opposite Monsal Head on Wednesday. Here's the second photo which unfortunately is no better.


The Jannie said...

"A male linnet" he said, after a slog through Observer's birds and a follow-up google.

Sam Vega said...

Agreed. A linnet, innit.

A K Haart said...

Jannie and Sam - thanks for that, a linnet it is. Now that I regularly take my camera on walks, I'm interested in putting a name to some of the birds we see. Common garden birds are my limit at the moment.