Thursday, 25 May 2017

Manchester - Obama puts it down to complexity

From the Independent we have Barack Obama's take on the Manchester bombing.

Barack Obama said he was “heartbroken” by the Manchester attack that killed 22 people and he hoped he will be able to use his influence to bring young people together in the face of terrorism.

“At a time, when the world is a very complicated place, when we can see the terrible violence that took place just recently in Manchester," the former US President told a crowd of tens of thousands at an event in the German capital Berlin about democracy and global responsibility.

No mention of Islam as far as one can tell. Obama's solution is to "push back" whatever that means. Not much if his past is any guide. We are well rid of him.

"We have to push back against those trends that would violate human rights or suppress democracy or restrict individual freedoms,” he said.


Sam Vega said...

A very telling article from the Independent. Albeit inadvertently. In earlier times, had Obama's words been spoken in person to a star-struck group of hicks, or if they had been listened to by a nation huddling around their cat's-whisker radios, they would have sounded magnificent. Now, though, they sound like all the other hopeless shitty platitudes. It is utterly obvious to all but the ideologically blinkered that there are only about three things that politicians can say at such times. (The initial port of call is "Our thoughts go out to..." or "Our thoughts and prayers are with...". In this, Juncker and Obama sound exactly like local Chief Inspectors and the head-teachers of the victims' schools.)

They have no solutions. They are literally clueless. It is now face-slappingly obvious. It's going to get very interesting as more and more people cotton on to this.

barnacle bill said...

Saint Theresa May was incompetent and an excuser for the RoP when she was in the Home Office. To allow/turn a blind eye to the setting up of Sharia courts should have been a sacking offence.

Now the same useless/clueless and even more splineless one is in charge at No. 10.

What hope is there for this country anymore?

wiggiatlarge said...

What hope is there for this country anymore?

In the longer term very little if things remain the same, and all indications are there will be little change, by this stage of events one would expect something of value to have been said, but no the same platitudes are uttered by the same people who were responsible for this situation in the first place, a plague on all their houses.

FrankC said...

If you put a comma before "or restrict individual freedoms,” it sounds the same but means something entirely different.

James Higham said...

Islam? No such thing is there?

Demetrius said...

Obama went in for ignorant waffle, which went down well with the ignorant who did not like bad news.

Longrider said...

The word you are looking for here is: wibble.

A K Haart said...

Sam - I agree, it has become glaringly obvious and I'm sure more and more people have cottoned on to it. Somehow honesty has to be given a chance or the whole business will become sillier and sillier.

Bill - I'd like to see her as cautious rather than dim, but dim is beginning to seem a better bet. Dim but lucky may be our best hope.

Wiggia - some public sanity would offer hope, but that is not likely.

Frank - well spotted. Perhaps he's giving us a clue.

James - never heard of it.

Demetrius - it worked for him too. That's something to dwell on.

Longrider - yes - as pronounced by Rowan Atkinson.