Sunday, 18 September 2016

The greatest discovery

In the days which are now called the good days, although in reality they were very bad ones for a good many people, the greatest discovery of a great century was made, namely, that one could live more cheaply and better on other people's money than on the results of one's own efforts.
August Strindberg – The Red Room (1879)

Perhaps the history of such a momentous discovery could be part of our national curriculum.


Angus Dei said...

Still relevant today AK

Michael said...

I just wish I could re-discover a short, single paragraph post by someone in Yorkshire, who described how the banking system works so well, I immediately understood the problem!

Sackerson said...

Why do you think history has been edged out of the curriculum?

wiggiatlarge said...

I think in this day and age the phrase "layer cake" sums up the ever multiplying political class.

Demetrius said...

Is the picture an old workhouse where in fact people do not work but live on taxes others have to pay for their keep? Transport them to the colonies I say.

A K Haart said...

Angus - it is and probably will be for a very long time.

Scrobs - I lose interesting links too. Doesn't the internet seem vast when you want to find them again?

Sackers - disruptive behaviour?

Wiggia - the middle layers seem to be the worst, but perhaps that is because we don't really see the puppeteers.

Demetrius - it is, and now that it is falling down it would be a good time to offer them to the colonies. We may have to pay though.