Thursday, 15 September 2016

Clinton v Trump

We wouldn’t wish to start from here as they say, but with a likely US presidential contest between Clinton and Trump, we are where we are. After reading too much partisan analysis from both sides, I cannot claim to be anything but somewhat baffled. Why these two?

Both candidates strike this rather casual observer as politically unappealing, but which of them is the riskier choice? Hard to say with Clinton’s furtive intellectual dishonesty and Trump’s gung ho attempt to play the hard-headed outsider. Clinton’s possible health issues are a factor too.

The only approach I have come up with is to consider the kind of administration each person would build should she or he become president. Of the two, who is more likely to shore up their personal shortcomings by attracting capable people? Because they both have personal shortcomings.

Trump seems too vain to me, he plays the demagogue too strongly and is not experienced in the inner workings of government. Clinton is dishonest, does not impress as a capable leader and comes across as cold and unpleasant.

However, in my view, Trump is more likely to attract capable people. I cannot add much flesh to those bones though. It is merely an impression culled from this side of the pond. I simply cannot see Clinton attracting capable people. Charlatans, shysters and politically correct prigs perhaps, but not capable people with a taste for achieving something concrete and worthwhile. Trump could attracted them perhaps, but probably not Clinton.

Merely an impression from this side of the pond.


Sam Vega said...

Agreed. And at least Trump has created and run a massive business empire. You don't get to do that if you are stupid and as lacking in social skills as the image suggests. My guess is that he is going all out for high visibility, controversy, and emotion leading up to the election, but in reality is very shrewd about what he would do if elected. He has seen that in America there is a huge disconnection between "politicking" and "politics" - the gaining of power and its exercise - and is exploiting that fact to an unprecedented degree.

Thud said...

I agree too,hillary is awfull but will rock the world boat least as she is just interested in furthering Clinton inc.

Demetrius said...

It hasn't been the same since James Knox Polk.

A K Haart said...

Sam - I agree, the guy seems to know his audience and understands why many voters feel disenfranchised and threatened by current trends.

Thud - Hillary seems dire to me too. Not a happy prospect at all.

Demetrius - he got things done, but is that still possible?