Thursday, 1 September 2016

A pint of Pol Roger please

From the Daily Telegraph we hear

One of the world’s oldest champagne makers is preparing to sell the fizzy drink in pint bottles – Winston Churchill's favourite measure – after Britain leaves the European Union, the Telegraph can disclose.

Pol Roger wants to sell champagne in imperial measures for the first time since 1973, when Britain’s decision to join the European Economic Community meant only metric measurements were allowed.

Seems reasonable, but will it have a decent head on it?


Anonymous said...

I think I shall bathe in it - apres moi le deluge.

Careful what you wish for. One pint equals 0.813 of a normal 70cl bottle. So the question that springs to mind is will the price/pint bottle magically become 0.813 of the old 70cl supermarket price?

Demetrius said...


DCBain said...

"but will it have a decent head on it?"

And will it be nicely warmed?

A K Haart said...

Roger - if the price of Pol Roger increases as a result then it's Prosecco for me.

Demetrius - expensive burp though. They are okay.

DCB - I hope so - helps get rid of that ghastly fizz.

James Higham said...

One pin of Pol Roger please. Do you mind £SD?

A K Haart said...

James - gold sovs would be better.