Monday, 1 August 2016


On Saturday we watched the Harley Davidson rally at Sheringham. It looked like fun. As some of the riders were no longer young, I almost fancied a big Harley myself. I'd feel the need to grow a beard though and I'm not doing that. Too grey.

Perhaps there is a political lesson in there too, because I can’t see Cameron or Corbyn riding one. Theresa May might be game though.


Demetrius said...

How disappointing, I have always thought of you as more BSA Bantam. The Lady was into Norton's when young, her father did Isle of Man TT's, but that is another story.

James Higham said...

Some of the riders were no longer young - LOL.

wiggiatlarge said...

Apart from when in their natural habitat, easy rider land, the states, I have never been able to understand the attraction, other than the cheap imitation, of a Harley Davidson.
Apart from the stereotypical obligatory matt black open faced helmets, Dr Crippen shades and beards the bloody things are totally unsuited to our roads, once the extras are fitted, panniers top boxes etc they are two wheeled cars and sit in traffic jams along with them thereby negating one of the main points of motorcycle ownership, the ability to filter traffic and be free of it.
On a final note of disapproval for the species Harley, when I was in Aus some years back at the 10,000 bike Christmas toy run in Adelaide, the Harley club put in an appearance, with them they had, as always I was told a van, their own, which went with them on runs so the beloved Harley could be brought back home when it broke down, just to show I am not fixated with Harleys, Honda Gold Wings come into the same ludicrous non motorbike two wheeled car category but are reliable, there that didn't hurt !

Flyinthesky said...

As a lifelong motorcyclist I wouldn't be seen dead on one, chrome plated agricultural junk. Indeed I'd rather have a BSA Bantam.

Bill Sticker said...

Harleys? I'm with Flyinthesky. Big Triumphs or Hondas are a far better ride. I think it's the old wannabe Hells Angels vibe that makes people buy and ride motorcycles which should be labelled 'Massey Ferguson'. Besides, in Biker movie mythology Marlon Brando rode a Triumph Speed Twin in 'The Wild one'. Not a Harley.

"Hey Johnny. What are you rebelling against?"
"Whadda you got?"

A K Haart said...

Demetrius - I had a BSA Shooting Star which wasn't very good. Before that I had a modified Norton ES2 which I wish I'd kept.

James - most of them probably.

Wiggia - I've heard they are unreliable and wouldn't actually buy one. One near us seemed to vibrate too much for my liking even on tickover.

Fly - but does a big beard and a big belly go with a Bantam?

Bill - I'd probably buy a Triumph or BMW in the end.