Friday, 22 April 2016

Where trust is a design problem

From an alphr interview with Michael Gough, chief design officer in the Applications and Services Group (ASG) at Microsoft.

Take sound. There are people here who focus full-time on the personality of sound. Cortana is not going to be successful unless she is trusted, so what’s the voice of trust? What’s the vocabulary of trust? What’s the cadence of interaction to trust a voice? That’s a design problem, a really hard one.


Anonymous said...

Interesting problem and interesting that Microsoft is studying it, although usually Apple seems better at that sort of thing. Boils down to the old adage 'if you can fake sincerity, you got it made'.

Demetrius said...

Squadron will advance, by the left, quick march. Does that kind of thing help?

A K Haart said...

Roger - we've always known about the sincerity act, but tend to assume there is something else behind it other than the need to persuade. Probably a naive assumption.

Demetrius - an officer class Cortana may appeal to some.