Thursday, 3 December 2015

Bloody war

Isn’t Middle East policy going well? Nobody really wanted to start from where we are now, not after a long series of wrong moves. Was the world a better place for us with Saddam, Gaddafi and Bashar Al-Assad keeping the lid on things? These conjectures are beyond analysis but it is very tempting to think so.

As far as I can see there are still lessons to be learned, especially since the Russian intervention. Oddly enough Putin seems to have highlighted our failure to look to our own culture, value it and energetically preserve what was in our national interests to preserve. 

For too long we have been told that the world is multicultural and to see it in any other way is reactionary and xenophobic. Sadly that wasn’t a good move when playing the game of real life. These things have to evolve at their own pace. If indeed they ever do evolve,

Putin has also highlighted our failure to look to our national interests and pursue them with deviously unyielding rigour. The same degree of rigour imposed by the laws of evolution - survival of the fittest. We have allowed ourselves to be less than fit.

As for the latest bombing campaign, it seems foolish to assume that our leaders know what they are doing, know what their goals are and how to achieve them. It even seems foolish to assume the intelligence they rely on is indeed reliable.

Closer to home it has allowed Hilary Benn to make what appears to be a move on Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour party leadership.


Sackerson said...

I think Benn will have cause to regret his putsch.

A K Haart said...

Sackers - I can't see him as anything but a stalking horse.