Friday, 16 October 2015

My heart bleeds

Business Green has an anguished cri de portefeuille stemming from reduced subsidies for the solar industry.

The UK solar industry is in crisis, but can a catastrophe yet be averted?

Job losses are mounting, but there are steps still available to the industry and the government that could avert a full-blown disaster for UK renewables.

One cannot celebrate job losses for ordinary working people, but the solar panel game is too close to a landowners' Ponzi scheme for my taste, quite apart from the climate imbecilities which drive it. With no obvious sense of irony we are also told.

Over the past two weeks I have spent four days at the Birmingham NEC, being denied sunshine while listening to various people talk about the grave state of the UK solar industry.

No, it's too easy to parody.


Michael said...

Instead of writing all that babble, he could have gone outside a spoken it, thereby warming several hundred passers-by with all that hot air!

'Cloimit chaaaange' is a classic example of politicians creating a market where none exists. Then the spivs move in within hours...

Macheath said...

It's interesting that the property owners on the news bewailing the cutting of government subsidies for solar energy have shown a marked resemblance to the weeping Londoners mourning the loss of Kids Company and the resulting absence of free meals, clothing and holidays for their children, yet I have no doubt they would be mortally offended by the comparison.

James Higham said...

On the other hand, I need cheap solar for the boat.

Demetrius said...

Cue Morecambe And Wise, "Give Me Sunshine.....".

A K Haart said...

Michael - yes, the spivs were bound to be attracted to it. Free money does that.

Mac - that's an interesting comparison. There are a number of attractions to both, including virtue-signalling as it seems to be called.

James - but you won't be holding out your hand for feed-in tariffs.

Demetrius - especially in winter when we need it most. Unfortunately...

Weekend Yachtsman said...


So what happened to "we're just about competitive with fossil fuels", then?

Turns out they weren't, I suppose.

Oh dear what a pity never mind.

A K Haart said...

WY - indeed. Not an easy area to research due to masses of propaganda, but in the end the market knows the score.