Monday, 5 October 2015

Blasé sheep

From yesterday's walk, a view of Carsington Water from the surrounding hills. It appears misty because it was, the mist didn't lift until later. The photo doesn't bring out how beautiful the view was even if the sheep isn't paying much attention. Seen it before I suppose.

Meanwhile we have the 5p tax on supermarket bags unless you happen to be buying goldfish. Perhaps somebody wants us to be sheep too. Mr Wolf probably. 


Anonymous said...

Very calming. I visit quite a few blogs and one thing is clear, the bigger they are the more quickly the discussion turns into a pointless slanging match. Sheep are not so daft after all.

Demetrius said...

Change at Ambergate.

A K Haart said...

Roger - I've noticed it too. If you go out to attract the readers then that seems to be a very common downside. There are some witty folk out there, but too many oafs often spoil the party.

Demetrius - once upon a time there was a rail link which would have passed very close to this view, just beyond the Hopton Incline.